What We Have To Do!

In a nutshell (hehe...nutshell) this is what we have to do to correct our nature so we are in perfect spin with the earth and respond to our true frequency. We have to correct the earth from spinning on a slanted axis, and get it to spin on a perfectly vertical axis.
      When, in the days of the Tower of Babel, when it was destroyed and our tongues were 'confused,' this was accomplished by knocking the earth off its' true axis. Before that, there weren't any seasons, and people could communicate as one because we lived within the scope of the true frequency from the earth.
      Everything is connected, and the universe does operate as a cosmic ballet, but when that event happened, the earth was knocked off its' feet, so to speak, like a ballerina who can only look around at the other dancers at that point, realizing she can never sync into the dance with the others again.
      But it is time to right things!
      How can we accomplish this?
      There may be two possibilities. The first is to unite as one and meditate on the motion. We don't only orbit the sun, but corkscrew around it as it races around its' orbit. So we would have to focus on this, along with its' left to right motion, and gently nudge it back into place. It would be difficult at first; breaking the inertia; and perhaps with not 'everyone' participating. But as it eased into its' proper position, the purpose with feel apparent, and it will get easier. As well, everyone else will feel the change, and know it is what needs to be done, and will willingly participate. Like the Who's on a little speck who needed every voice to be heard, we will learn again how we all matter.
      The other method is to use the tidal forces as a lever to nudge it into its' proper alignment.
      I know this may sound far fetched, but if you research it yourself, you will realize it is a sensible suggestion found in an unreasonable world.


Babel Babble

If you look closely at the story of the Tower of Babel,you can't help wonder of the intentions of the destroyer, if they had our best intentions in mind, and it shakes your faith even it was as tall as the tower itself, and reached almost to heaven. Firstly let's look at who it was that did it. The old testament bible claims it was God. The Enki tablets claim it was Enlil jealous of the love Marduks' people had for their god. Either way, it can be safe to say it wasn't the God of all creation, due to the nefarious intentions with which it was carried out and corrupting results. The story tells us that at the time people were united as one, and could communicate in the same language. They wanted to honour their god by building a tower that 'reached the heavens.' It can be concluded, then, that people were in tune with the frequency of the universe, and inter-related harmoniously within it. The god who destroyed it didn't like this. He stated he was concerned that humans, in time, would become too smart and would be able to accomplish anything they wanted....why he would consider it a bad thing seems to stem from insecurity; but it sure isn't a bad thing from a persons perspective. So he destroyed it and confused peoples tongue so they spoke different languages after that. By confusing our tongues he caused us to no longer be in tune with the universe, and the true vibration of the word. In a nutshell, he turned our world into a nuthouse. No longer able to communicate the way we could before (telepathically) fomented division; prejudice, discrimination, arrogance, hatred, paranoia, insecurities and the myriad of pychological disorders that have made us such a stark raving mad species. This in turn produced insane manifestations such as wars, nationalism, organized religions and so on. In short, he totally gimped us. As if casting us from Eden wasn't enough, he caused us to plunge into an insane darkness where we would never stand a chance of achieving a path back to the true God-head, which was our God given right at our creation. Like a double bind we are left wondering why our creator would tell us love and show us hate; tell us patience and flip out; tell us tolerance and not tolerate us; tell us compassion and yet be so cruel; to treat others as we would like to be treated yet treat us as vermin. Fortunately for us, because the power of the word is so permeating across all dimensions, we still have a chance of reaching unity again, but wow! what a long, hard, crazy trip it's being. One day, once we recognize our illness, we might be able to regain our true potential. We would also have to figure out how the destroyer of the tower did it, so we can rectify it. My theory is he used the same method to cause the monoliths' destruction as to confuse our tongues, so he could do it in one fell swoop, so to speak. This can be caused by frequencies. The same frequency used to bring the tower down changed a frequency in us, discordant to our natural world and state. In order to return to a sane and natural state, we have to find that frequency and tune ourselves to it. It's hard to find sanity among utter madness, but if we don't become in harmony with the universe again, we could be doomed to extinction.


Cymatic Situation

The shapes of the galaxies and all matter in the universe is determined by the frequency which is resonated throughout...the cymatics of it.


Ogr81 woke up to music playing off a static soaked alarm clock...

Some people like to fill the world with silly love songs
I look around me and I see that this is so...

Why was the alarm set?
Something he shouldn't forget?
Something he'ld regret?
Should he be upset?

So what's wrong with that...
I'ld like to know...
Cos here I go...
Doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo doo
Doo doo doo doo doo-doo

He did what he did when he first opened his eyes everyday...said the lords prayer

Our father...who art in heaven...

Doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo
Doo doo doo doo-doo

Hallowed be thy name

Oww!  Ogr811 head hurt.

Thy kingdom come...
Thy kingdom come...

"That's right!" he remembered.  He drank a few with that girl at the  party...she was an angel...

Doo-doo doo-doo...

Thy kingdom come...

They talked about ww3
...and comet ison...
polar shifts and continental drifts...
the struggle to be free...
the new moon risen...
Religious rifts and face lifts...
...and the conspiracy of NWO...
...New World Order...

...so what's wrong with that...

Thy kingdom come...

Ogr81 dropped his earthly recollections of the night before to finish the Lords prayer.  When done, he grappled under the bed for a bottle of internet ink...or I-ink as was the latest jargon.  His hand happened upon a bottle of beer, several socks, a playbook, another bottle of beer (or was it the same one?) which he cast aside until he felt the familiar plastic round bottle of the I-ink.  He yanked it out and stuck it in front of his squinting eyes...less then a quarter of a bottle left...hopefully it would be enough...

He almost lost the girls attention the night before by saying he hoped for a new world order.

"What!” she protested.  "You want to forced into a FEMA camp and killed!"

A new song started on the cheesy music box...

What would you do
If I sang out of tune
Would you stand up and walk out on me...

"Lend me your ear," he began writing
And then your eyes
Your choice,
Your voice,
Your heart,
Your part,
Give it freely
And so will I

He had to justify to her, that he felt a new world order was not only a good thing, but inevidible.  Not a tiddle of Gods' law would change until His Word is complete...or something like that...

...and I'll try not to sing out of key...

When, in the Lords' prayer, someone says, "Thy kingdom come," they are praying for a new world order.

The difference being, a new world order under man...yeah, it could involve nasty crap like killing off populations with a lie, but under God, it's what has been happening since the dawn of mankind, without fail, every moment of every day, to everyone...irregardless of their religious slants, disposition or propensity to the opposite...it always has been and always will be His immutable law, that we should steadily become a brotherhood of man, or more accurately, a more tolerant humanity.

...What do you see when you turn out the lights...

"Sing me a song"...he continued to write to the world
It can't be wrong
Even if you don't feel the same
It won't take long
Before I can sing along
For no-one is to blame

I get by with a little help from my friends....

At least they had sorted it out by the end of the evening.  But what happened to her, he wondered...

I get high with a little help from my friends...

Ogr81 reached over to shut off the alarm...o...there she was...now he remembered...


The Mask

Ah...A mask
At last
Something for a laugh
Also aesthetics
In case you don't get it
The joke is pathetic

Part nothing
One away from something
One away from anything
What's concealed
Should never be revealed
To those without understanding

The puppet pranced
Yes, He danced
And did what the strings dictated
But the smiles
Can't be measured in miles
Thus it was never manipulated

Ring the bell
Yet behind the mask you hide
As a seeker
As a keeper
To the gates of hell


Going Home

It was from fear I fled
To escape the dread
To be counted with the dead
With such guilt on my head

Given the choice
A chance to rejoice
Where was my voice?
In all the noise

And it happened so fast
Like a role is cast
All about a blast
Lived to the very last

So I go
U know...
A chance to grow
And enhance the flow


A Sprig of Spring

Be I tree
From a seed I spring.
In my first season I settle safe and strong
In the second I'm gone
Up to rise above the earth
Out to expand my girth
Blooming my worth

Be I tree
It's what I will be

Be I a bee
And fly tree to tree
 Flower to flower
Working all a bee can be
Bee-ing simply

Be I a bee
Bee I be

Be. I a beast
On blood I feast
The weakest is
The weakest link
Lost are the least

Be I
Be I

Be I
What I bleed

Be I prey
For what He should declare
Fodder for slaughter
Almost got a 'got her'
Coulda called for a cure
But it's her for sure
So what can I say?

Be I
Be i!

Lord what You be